WOW Factor! / The Unique & Unusual
(Below you will find items that will add "WOW" to your Event.)

Live Strolling Tables

Your Guests will have a Blast Interacting with our Live Human Strolling Tables. Great for Cocktail Hour or Dessert.

They will be the the Talk of Your Affair.

Mixed Media Scenery/Backdrops

Our Unique Backdrops, Scrims, Cycloramas, Mixed Media Soft Goods and Scenery Totally Transform a Room or Stage.

Guaranteed to Impress Even the Most Tainted Audience. Great For Any Venue.

Kangaroo Stilts & Stunts
These Stilt Characters know how to stand out in a Crowd. They can jump higher than ten feet high in the air while Performing Acrobatic Stunts. Just Amazing!
The Human Rocket

Experience the Wonder, Excitement and Spectacle of The Most Awe-inspiring One-man Flying Machine Ever Created!

Great for Media and PR Grabbing Events.

Confetti & Streamer Effects
Nothing Excites an Audience more than a Blizzard of Colorful Confetti and Streamers Cascading down at just the Right Moment.

GrinderWoman & GrinderMan

GRINDERWOMAN and GRINDERMAN are "Pinup Girl meets Rock Star Superhero meets Metal Shop". As seen on the David Letterman Show.
Acrobatic Trampoline Act

Trampoline Act with up to Four Acrobatic Performers Utilising Ski's, Snowboards and Balls in their Act. A Guiness World Record Holder.
Virtual Reality (VR)
Experience 3-D Worlds and Compete in Video Games while being Totally Immersed in Environments that seem so real, they'll Jump Out and Grab You. Really Heightens all the Senses.

Tension Fabrics

Stretch Fabric Structures and Decor Provide Dramatic Visual Impact!

We Specialize in Set Design, Entranceways, Projection Screens and Surfaces, Room Dividers, Ceiling Treatments, Stage Backdrops, Lighting Design Elements and Special Effects, Trade Show Booths, Exhibit Signage, Abstract Costuming and Printing on Fabric. Tensile Structures, are an Innovative Construction Artform.

Fog & Smoke Special Effects
Whether it's A Magical Cloud of Soft White Fog Hanging Low along the Floor or A Misty Haze in the Air Showing off an Incredible Light Show; We Have Incredible Special Effects!
Man of A Million Names
The Man of A Million Names will Memorize where each of your Guests are Seated. He'll Enter the Event Singing, and then go Out into the Audience to Personally Greet and Name Each and Every Guest in Song. Great for Corporate Meeting Galas.
Crooked Card Dealer
Our Blackjack Bustout Dealer presentation is easily integrated, as an added attraction, into any casino nights theme event.

The Acrobatic Bartender

Your Guests will be Mezmerized as The Acrobatic Bartender seemingly Mixes your Drinks while Running, Jumping , Dancing and Flipping on Bouncy Stilts.

He is A Guiness World Record Holder.

Aura Readings & Imaging
An Aura Reading is an Interpretation of your Aura Picture as Created by our Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System brought to your Event.

Stomp & Breakdancing Shows

Add a Slice of New York City to your Next Event with a Stomp or Breakdance Show by Members of Broadway's Stomp and Break Productions.

Syncopated Rhythms on Garbage Cans and Plastic Tubs Combined with Dancing, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Spinning and So Much More.
Live Statues
Living Statues Appear Statuesque at First Glance and then Come to Life in the Subtlest Ways, to the Surprise and Enjoyment of Unknowing Guests.
Specialty Transportation
Treat yourself like a Hollywood Star. Travel in Style aboard one of our Unique Specialty Vehicles.

From a Lambourghini Gallardo to a Hummer Limo or Totally Luxurious Lounge Buss.
Individual Artistic Pastries
Each Mouth-watering Creation has Personality all of its Own, Teasing the Palette with its Rich Flavors, Complex Textures, and Eye-catching Presentations.
Live Tigers
Nothing Intrigues Guests more than being able to get up Close and Personal with one of our Exotic Big Cats. Lions, Tigers and Bears... Oh MY.
Indoor Fireworks / Pyrotechnics

Whether it's A Cake with Flaming Candles, Centerpieces with Giant Sparklers that go off at just the Right Moment, A Cascading Fire Wall or a Choreographed Fireworks Display;

We Provide Great Indoor/Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays & Aerial Event Production by Top Leaders in the Field.

Mini Kiss Tribute Act

The One & Only MINIKISS- A High Energy Stage Show Celebrating Kiss Music & "Little People" ! As seen on National TV.


Opera & Broadway With A Twist
Unbeknownst to your Guests, Several of Their Waiters, Chefs and/or Security Guards are Opera or Broadway Performers and their Show that Evening.
Environment Scenting
The Newest Thing in Sensory Awareness for Events is Here; Environment Scenting ... The Art & Science Of ScentScaping the Room. Transforming a Rooms Scent in a matter of Minutes.
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