Aura Imaging and Readings
What is an Aura?

Each of us is Surrounded by an Electromagnetic Energy Field, called an Aura. The Shape and Color of this Field Changes as One's State of Mind and Body Changes. The Dominant Color, as well as the Multi-colored Frequencies that are in your Aura, can be Seen in Aura Picture Generated by our Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System.

What is an Aura Reading?

An Aura Reading is an Interpretation of your Picture Created by the Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System. We Interpret this Picture, drawing upon 20 years of Experience offering Intuitive Counseling. We guide you in seeing how the Aura Picture is an Expression of your State of Mind and Body.

The Benefits of a Aura Reading

Aura Readings offer Insights and Tools for One's Health and Well-being.

What is an Aura Reading Event?

Aura Reading Events can be Planned for Groups 10 to 1,000. Guests have their Aura Picture taken and receive a Personalized Interpretation of its Meaning. A Group Setting Inspires Lively, and Enjoyable Interaction. The following are Examples of Aura Reading Events:

Entertainment at a Fund-raiser, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Company or Sweet Sixteen Party: People Getting to Know Themselves and Each Other Better is always a Formula for a Fun and Successful Event.

Stress Management/Education: Aura Readings offer Individualized Insights into how to Customize One's Stress Management. Optional Feature: Combine with Spa and Massage Therapy Treatments.

A Home Party: A Group of Friends and Aura Readings are a Delightful Way to Spend an Evening or Brunch Together.

A College or University Leadership or Effectiveness Training: Aura Readings give a Framework for Students to Explore and Learn How to Optimize and Deliver Effective Performance.

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