Opera & Broadway With A Twist

Unbeknownst to your guests, several of their waiters are opera singers and their show for the evening.

As an important part of the act, each performer actually works the floor as a waiter for some time before the performance begins. They also dress and act the same as your "real" waiters thus giving no clue of what is about to come.

Picture your next event or corporate function, dinner. The evening is running according to plan with the usual mixing and mingling of invited guests and clients. Suddenly, one of your waiters bursts into an aria from a well-known opera or song from a popular Broadway musical. Your guests are simultaneously stunned by their waiter's behavior and intrigued by the fact that the waiter sang so well! Not to be outdone, another of your waiters now magnificently performs a song a few minutes later; and then a third, now the show really begins with all three waiters singing and performing together.

The structure of this act is sophisticated yet takes away the seriousness often associated with opera by adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise. Because of the vast repertoire and experience of each of our performers (waiters) their act can be easily customized to suit your particular requirements.

Be it a dinner party of twelve guests to a ballroom of one thousand, this concept has proven equally successful to an audience of football players at, say, a suburban club dinner, through to the most discerning opera buffs.


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