ScentScaping & Environment Scenting

Imagine your Guests Surprise while in the Ballroom they are Suddenly and Instantly Transported to Other Locations of your Choosing; such as The Beach, Rose Garden, Rainforest or Mountains.

Later on Your Guests are about to be Served their Dessert When Suddenly the Unmistakable Aromas of Chocolates and Cappuccino fill the Air Making their Urges for Dessert Absoloutely Irresistable.

The Newest Thing in Sensory Awareness for Events is Here; Environment Scenting ... The Art & Science Of ScentScaping the Room. Transforming a Rooms Scent in a matter of Minutes.


Your Guests will Swear they were Transported Elsewhere; They'll find their Food was Simply Delicious! Why? Because they Smell just as they Remember!

A Gala Event Combines the Power of Media and Imagination... making Interior Space Come Alive. We create Unique and Dynamic Interior Environments with the use of Multi-sensory Media Technology. The Media is the Magic. The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary as our Media Professionals help you to Achieve and Capture exactly the Right Mood for the Moment. Each of our Media based Product lines is carefully Designed to be just right for you.

Some Industries Currently using Environment Scenting Systems Include:
Special Events, Exhibits, Hotels, Retail Stores, Health Spas, Restaurants, Supermarkets.

The Art and Science of Making Scents

The Power of Scent
Numerous studies have revealed the power that our sense of smell has to stimulate memories and to affect behavior. Scents can be used to enhance learning, reduce stress, reinforce feelings, increase productivity, as well as create buying motivation. A study in Paris showed that introducing the smell of coffee in a department store increased that store's coffee sales by 18%. Casinos scent their playing areas because players will play 45% more in a space that Smells Pleasant.


What does the Environment ScentScaping System Do ?

The proprietary Dispersion System is the most effective way to Scent Large Areas with Aromas that are incredibly realistic. When placed in one of the Environment Scenting Machines, the Special Cartridge releases its Scent in Miniscule Particles that are carried on air currents. This not only Smells Realistic and Leaves No Residue; but Makes Scent Changes Quick and Easy.


Environment Scents Available:
Over 100 Fine Scents are Designed to Enhance Virtually any Themed Event or Environment and/or to Increase Business and Traffic !

Grandma's Kitchen, Fresh Linen, Coffee Crumb Cake, Christmas Morning, New Leather, Chocolate Truffle, Fresh Ocean Air, Fresh Mountain Air and an amazing Cappuccino Scent are but a small fraction of what's available (see our Current list of Best Selling Environment Scents Below).

There are also Scent Cartridges that can Create a Feeling of Well Being, Stimulate and Awaken, Relax and De-stress, even ones that are Designed to Clear Rooms of Obnoxious Odors like Cigarette Smoke.

If you don't see the Scent you want... JUST ASK! We have a Library of over 30,000 Scents. Custom Scents can also be Produced.

Apple Tart

Bubble Gum

Pineapple Paradise

Candy Shoppe

Cucumber Mint

Cappuccino Java


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Choco-mint Pattie

MacIntosh Apple

Citrus Fusion

Pink Grapefruit


Coffee Mocha

Oven Fresh Rolls

Viennese Roast

Popcorn at the Cinema

Watermelon Time

Warm Vanilla

Smokin' on the Grill

Grandma's Kitchen

Country Peach Cobbler

Gingerbread Man

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Chocolate Hazelnut

Coffee Crumb Cake


Florals & Aromatics:
Cherry Blossom Time

Cedar Chest

Eucalyptus Breeze

Whispers of Wisteria

The Wedding Flower


Luxurious Lavender

Oriental Ginger Lily

Sahara Sandalwood

Oh So Rosey

Rocky Mountain Springtime

Hibiscus Mango

Southern Nights

Flower Shoppe


Fresh & Natural:
April Showers

Sparkling Fresh

New Car


Sea Spray

Rainforest Mist

High Tide

Pacific Breeze

Clean & Pressed


Christmas Morning

Cinnamon Apple

Cinnamon Orange Spice

Newly Mown Lawn

Softly Musk

Suntan Oil


Christmas Spruce


Mood Therapeutics:

A sophisticated, elegant scent that helps focus the mind

Sun Up
A morning walk through a citrus grove, stimulating and awakening

High Chaparral
A quiet, introspective scent reminiscent of spring on the High Plains

An exciting blend of ingredients to get ready for a night on the town

Apres le Bain
The feeling of relaxation after a long luxurious bath


No Smoking Please!
A fresh woody scent replacing the smell of tobacco smoke.

Kitchen Fresh
A fresh green fruity/woody scent replacing unwanted kitchen smells

Shower Fresh
A fresh marine floral scent replacing bathroom odors

Flower Fresh
A pleasant floral scent that replaces most unwanted odors

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