The Human Rocket

Experience the wonder, excitement and spectacle of the most awe-inspiring one-man flying machine ever created. 

Carried aloft by a thunderous blend of science and technology,  The Rocketbelt is the most spectacular instrument ever designed for super crowd pleasing entertainment and product endorsement. There is nothing like it in the world...

The Human Rocket captures the imagination of audiences worldwide.

The Human Rocket is a great way to endorse any product.

The Human Rocket has helped the advertising and marketing industry deliver positive, permanent memories of clients products and services to consumers in 35 countries on 6 continents for 20 years. 

The creation of your own character can really enhance and personalize your Human Rocket Performance.

Faced with ever increasing media and production costs, the challenge continues to make an unforgettable impact with your own personal statement and style, but keep the cost per thousand impressions to a minimum. When you need to rise above the crowd...

There is no other attraction better suited to put you there than the World's Only Human Rocket.

The Human Rocket provides your company with a "secret weapon" in any promotional endeavor. Carefully positioned he can provide spectacular results on a worldwide scale.

Join a select group of clients that make up the "Who's Who" in manufacturing, entertainment, sports and special events industries worldwide. 

Los Angeles Olympics
...Amid the Spectacle, one event out-shadowed 
them all...

The Statue of Liberty 
...Commemorating the rededication of Freedom...  

Michael Jackson Dangerous Tours 
...Amazed audience of 70,000 were momentarily stunned into silence...

Carnival Parade, Rio De Janeiro

...Leading the way to the world's greatest party.... 

Here are just a few ideas to capitalize on the use of The Human Rocket with your event:

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Special Characters
When they absolutely, positively must fly

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Platforms and Backdrops 
Launch and landing platforms are prime locations to show off your companies trademark or logo. The backdrop is another excellent way to frame a stage and command recognition.  Use colors and patterns to coordinate the Backdrop, logos and The Human Rockets flight suit.

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Corporate Logos and Sponsored Clothing
The Human Rocket can fly with a variety of costumes orwardrobe. In addition to our pilot, our team of Rocketbelt technicians can be outfitted with sponsor clothing; shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, gloves, glasses, or other accessories.

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Autograph & Photo Booth Audiences consider it a special treat to meet The Human Rocket, take photos with him, as well as obtain his autograph. This is a great opportunity to enhance consumer good will and permanently etch the event in their memory. Further your exposure with pre-printed sponsored cards displaying your product or logo.

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Helmets can be customized for your performance.  You may place removable stickers to our helmet or you can purchase a wide range of customized helmets that we can have made for you.  We may approve other helmets or head gear based on your performance needs.  So be sure to ask!!!

Advanced Exposure 
Notifying the press and television stations is one of your most effective tools . The Human Rocket and support team can be available for advanced photo sessions, interviews and specially priced media flights.

TV and Talk Shows
The media loves The Human Rocket! The Human Rocket has done numerous radio and television interviews. This type of free media coverage can be key in providing valuable exposure to your event.

Pre-Performance Media 
We have available stock footage of The Human Rocket for promotional use with your event. Tie this footage in with your existing promotional footage and watch your teaser "Blast Off !"

Media Flights 
The Human Rocket will steal the front page! Media flights are available. This all but assures total media attention at the announcement of your event.



The Rocketbelt is a unique creation of space age technology which propels man into flight without the aid of wings. The Rocketbelt was developed to prove that lightweight rocket power can lift a man and transport him in controlled flight. 

Mounted on a molded fiberglass corset, called the "hip pack," the weight of The Rocketbelt is transferred to the Pilots hips. Actual lift is provided by two rocket nozzles, which are fed by a central generator, controlled by a throttle at the pilots right-hand. The left-hand control operates jetavators for yaw control and the delicate combination of these two controls permits complete freedom of flight.

Flight Characteristics 
A flight performance is considered as one take off and one landing. 
The skilled pilot can fly forward, backward, sideways, up and down. And like a hummingbird suspended in midair. It's similar to that of a helicopter without the hazards of rotating blades. 

The Rocketbelt rides on a bed of superheated steam. There are no Flames or explosion Our Pilots can land within inches of a target but this is at the discretion of the Pilot. Lift off can be cued to the second. We can fly in most rain. The Rocketbelt is loud.

Flight Distance 
With practice the pilot can fly up to 800 feet. 
He can fly over most Land, Water and Structures. 

NOTE: Most performances usually feature the maneuverability of the Rocketbelt with a display of sweeping turns, pirouette, hovering and speeds up to 35 mph. 

Flight Height 
Mathematically, the Rocketbelt can reach a height of 7,000 feet. (Of course we don't fly it that high) 

Regular performances usually range between 50 to 80 feet depending on the needs of the client. However, we have flown inside of 15 feet and up to 250 feet high. 

We have flown up to, down from or structure to structure. It is capable of flying indoors.

Flight Time 
The Rocketbelt has 30 seconds of propellant. 
Flight Performance range is between 24-27 seconds.
Again, at the discretion of the Pilot. 

Preparation, skits and narration can be combined with a performance.

Flight Speed 
Speeds range from hover to 75 miles per hour. 

NOTE: Most performances usually feature the maneuverability of the Rocketbelt with a display of sweeping turns, pirouette, hovering and speeds up to 35 mph. 

Other Specifications 
Power: 800 Horse power 320 Pounds of lift
Weight: 90 pounds empty 140 pounds full

Propellant: Hydrogen Peroxide

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