Mini Kiss Tribute Act

MINIKISS was born 6 years ago when Joey, a.k.a. "Mini-Gene", a drummer and veteran in the "little person" entertainment industry came across his original sealed vinyl copy of KISS 'ALIVE' with all the original lick on tattoos & pictures. This changed everything!

Being a musician, serious 80's Metal lover & Kiss fan for many years, Joey gathered together a couple of his buddies to come out in full Kiss drag to perform at a club for a Halloween bash in NYC. It was such a huge hit that the DJ wouldn't stop playing Kiss tunes all night and the 4 "little men" in Kiss gear became the focal point of the party. Over time, MINIKISS has grown and developed into a high energy stage show celebrating Kiss music & "little people"!

2003-04'-MINIKISS has....
been featured on TV shows such as ABC's "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE," HBO's 'INSIDE THE NFL," Comedy Central's "INSOMNIAC with DAVE ATTEL," & VH1's "100 MOST METAL MOMENTS."

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