Virtual Reality (VR)
3-D Theaters:

Vitual 3-D Theater
Rumbling "Thunderseats"
3-D Goggles

Have a seat in any of our 3-D Theaters and get ready for all of your senses to be awakened. 

Watch 3-D visuals that seem so real, they'll jump out and grab you.

Guests sit in special rumbling "thunderseats" with speakers built in. Entering the world of 3-D imagination with VR Goggles.

Go on virtual tours to the bottom of the ocean, into deep space, ride a roller coaster, chase a helicopter, or journey inside a computer.
Sample of Actual 3-D Visuals
Choose from our standard 3-D Theater with 2-16 chairs or our Deluxe Theater with 4 Italian leather chairs and a custom built stage.

Sports: Racing
Gentlemen (and Ladies) start your engines, and stop searching! You have just stumbled upon the coolest and fastest racing simulators available anywhere.

We have a NASCAR, Indy, F1, Off Road Racing, Crazy Taxi, Motorcyle, Jet Ski, DUI simulator and much more.

Indoors, outdoors, small private party, or huge public event, we have the experience, technology, and customer service skills that will wow you and your guests!

Trade Shows, Promotional Tours, Company Picnic, Private Events, School Events and even........permanent placement in an arcade, race track, bar, or amusement park.

Deluxe NASCAR is our #1 most requested item - a real attention getter!

We even offer NASCAR with projection screens, or outdoors in our shade tent

Full Size MOTION NASCAR - When only the best will do.

Deluxe Racing Consoles - Great for ANY racing game

DUI Motion Simulators - a hit with High Schools and Colleges

VR Future Bike - we own some, but we'll even rent Harley's for your event.

Sports: Golf
Golf Sim, Full Size - The full size golf simulator features championship golf on Highlands National, the #1 golf course in Canada. Participants use a real club and ball that is hit into a special projection screen and includes a swing analyzer. Foam balls or whiffle balls make for safe play in any environment.
Golf Sim, Standard - The standard golf simulator is perfect for when you don't have 16x16 feet of space to spare, this item uses only 15x10 of space. Identical features to the full size golf simulator.

Golf, VR - The VR Golf features a club that is 3/4 the length of a real golf club that emmits an infrared light on the end. A virtual tee and pentium cpu reads the speed and angle of the swing and you instantly see the path of the ball on a large projection screen. Perfect for longest drive competitions, closest to the pin, or regular play.

Sports: Other (Baseball,
Baseball, Virtual -
Step up to the plate and play Home Run Derby with our virtual bat.  Face off against picthers in MLB stadiums from the present and the past.  A pentium computer measures the speed and timing of the swing, and your hit, which is all instantly seen on a monitor, 55" concave projection screen or a large projection screen.
100 Meter Dash -
Up to 4 Participants go head to head in an exciting foot race where the contestants actually have to run in place in order to make the on screen runners run. A large projection screen adds to the visual appeal and gets the whole crowd into every race.
Radar Sports -
We can tell you just how fast you can;  throw a baseball, throw a football, shoot a hockey puck, kick a soccer ball, or serve a tennis ball.  A 10x10x10 net structure ensures the safety of all participants and other guests.
Real Sports -
Hands on interaction by throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball into a video screen.  We can feature football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and yes even soccer!
Shooting Gallery -
What do you get when you combine an old favorite with laser technology?  The coolest shooting experience available today!  Skeet, target practice, law enforcement trainer, old west gallery and hunting are available.  
Sports Arena & Sports Stadium -
Can't decide on which sport to choose?  This is the perfect item for you!  The arena features 4 sport items with truss and monitors and 4 players at the same time.  The stadium features 3 Sports in one setup on a projection screen for one player at a time. 
Snow/ Skate/ Surf/ Hoverboard VR -
Step onto our virtual board, put on the VR goggles, and get ready to race down the mountain, skate through an intense skate park, or ride the ocean waves.  Feels like the real thing without the bumps and bruises.
Tennis, Virtual -
Serve and volley against a computer opponent or a REAL opponent.  Setup includes; Astro Turf, a tennis net, and a large projection screen.     
Sports Blitz -
Two people go HEAD TO HEAD in just about any sport you can imagine while watching on a GIANT projection screen!  Our setups are decorated for every occassion. 

Interactive / Competitive

The Rolls Royce of Virtual Reality is the SU 2000 Pod.

Step into the pod, strap on your headgear and get totally immersed in cyberspace.

Play against others in the game "Zone Hunter." Two Players compete at a time.

Motion Based Simulators
Motion Based Simulators actully move with the images viewed by riders on either VR goggles or on screen.

The actual movemets simulate that of a ride or visual action to further enhance the riders experience.
Choices include Roller Coaster, Flight, Helicopters, Bobsledding, Snowboarding and More!

Interactive software titles which allow players to star in their own virtual challenge ! Whether it's a themed adventure or a futuristic showdown, participants can see their entire body within the virtual world, and use their natural body motion to navigate and interact ! The Immersitrons technology allows you to experience an array of exciting virtual environments putting you right into the adventure, all without having to wear, touch, or hold anything ! Choose any Four from Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving and More...

Be in the game!

This experience is for enthusiasts who are serious about their sports. You have to use your whole body as you emulate a Hockey Goalie, Soccer Goalie, Volleyball player, or you can go one on one in Basketball.

Get immersed into today's hottest video games with our VR goggles.  We can feature from 2-8 seats featuring monitors on trusses for a very high tech look.


We have more flight simulators that you can shake a yoke stick at. 

Virtual Hang Glider, Jet Fighters, Cessnas, Jumbo Jets, Helicopters, Ultralights, and even MOTION flight simulation that will turn your world UPSIDE DOWN!

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