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Nothing excites an audience more than a blizzard of colorful confetti. A Gala Event's confetti cannons will transform any party into a festival. Sparktacular carries a full line of both remote control and manual confetti cannons that can be loaded with almost anything you or your clients can envision.

TLC-Creative Special Effects provides professional streamer launches, confetti, high-powered streamers, custom printed streamers, and custom cut confetti at all types of occasions.


TLC features amazing High-Powered Streamer Launchers that can project large beautiful streamers over 200ft in the air. A huge, spectacular burst of color and movement! This makes an excellent alternative to daytime pyrotechnics and adds the final bit of celebration to any outdoor event. These launchers can be placed anywhere that makes the effect most dramatic and are amazingly mobile.

Instant Celebrations: Streamers create excitement and an important moment at any event. Streamers can be created out of various types of material depending on the application. Mylar streamers create a wonderful twinkle in the air as the cascade down onto a crowd. Tissue and other materials are used in conjunction with mylar or used separately for a little softer feel. Streamers can also be created using biodegradable materials for a completely environmentally friendly occasion.

Confetti comes in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. The variety of confetti types can produce many different effects. Paper. Mylar pieces, even beautiful rose petals, create wonderful excitement in the air. Confetti can be custom cut or imprinted with logos or designs. Confetti bits float differently depending on the cut used, so be sure to ask us what type best suits your needs. TLC launches can include all types of custom confetti cuts including: corkscrew, flutter, rectangles, dry rain, butterflies, circles, triangles, hearts, rose petals, bells, storm, and many more.

Tissue Colors
Hot Pink
Light Pink


TLC can provide streamers with custom printing. This means that a company, event name, or a sponsors logo can be placed directly onto the streamer material. Customizing your streamers gives guests mementos of the special occasion. All streamers, whether they are large outdoor pieces launched from high-powered launchers, or the smaller, more traditional streamers, offer spectacular results with very easy clean-up. Beautiful moments are enhanced with streamers launched to music or a toast!

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